Language of Movement


This project is made to highlight a poem by my dear friend Claire De Quenetain. Her poem triggered me to visualize the momentary presence of objects when they come alive thru human interaction. I wanted to visualize the language between objects and people. There is so much emotional language involved when it comes to our most important objects and furniture that have travelled with us thru our lives. And as well physical language as most object we repeatedly use / move in a same way thru our lives. 



When I found this object I took it and immediately it was mine.
It has a function that I ignore and I never tried to find out.
I like it as it is.
The texture and the form are generous,
It has a round shape which creates a perfect contact with my hands.
I move my hands around it, because it’s soft
And because it is round so there is no end, no limits.
It’s quite heavy so I balance it sometimes from one hand to another
There is something inside which makes some noise when I move it,
It becomes playful, I look at it and stop