Sailing Stones



Cement furniture -collection shaped by human body. The collection explores peoples interaction with the built urban environment and expresses the need for individualism in public space.  

The collection was made as part of a workshop where we explored new ways for using concrete. Immediately when walking around in Plovdiv, Bulgaria where the workshop was held, I noticed how people would lie cushions all over the city to soften up the sharp and cold corners of the concrete buildings. From that came an idea to create a new softer and more individual layer to the paved city. The process is designed to be made ad hoc style at the site. During the process, wet concrete mix is placed into fabric bag and than shaped by using human body as the tool.

The project was made during One Design Week 2016 in Bulgaria as part of the Nordic design workshop and exhibition Materiality Brutality. At the moment Sailing Stones -collection is exhibited in Helsinki Design Museum as part of exhibition Enter and Encounter.


Images by Joseph Fox

Dancer Misa Koide