Water Landscapes



water Landscapes

for Water Exhibition


We consider water to be invisible, transparent or even immaterial. One thing it is for sure is ephemeral and fleeting as water is in a constant cycle of change. This series seize the fleeting moments in time where water makes its mark into the environment. It presets specimens of traces of water from our urban environment.

"While walking in a paved city landscape, I always try to look for these little moments and spots where there is still space for water to leave its mark and sculpt our environment. This series in a collection of those moments and experiences."

This work was made for Water-exhibition, co-organised by me, Dean Brown and Unit Lab, running during London Design Festival in Copeland Gallery from 19-25.9.

WATER-Bussey_Zetteler_Dan Weill Photography-108.jpg
WATER-Bussey_Zetteler_Dan Weill Photography-97.jpg